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Build-up and break-down access

Traffic management and security for build-up and break-down will be agreed prior to the event. The event organiser will supply further information.

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Vehicles will be directed to the relevant goods entrance for unloading. Once unloaded, vehicles should be taken off site. Some events may need to allocate timings to make space for other vehicles.

Manchester Central's traffic management team issue vehicle passes on-site. Vehicle and driver details are required and once issued, passes must be displayed in the vehicle window at all times. Exhibitors are issued with a wristband to gain access to the halls. Wristbands must be worn throughout the build-up process.

The public are not allowed in the hall during build-up. Admission of vehicles will be at the discretion of authorised Manchester Central personnel. No delivery vehicles can stay in the halls overnight. On-site parking for contractors, sub-contractors and agencies must be pre-arranged with the event organiser.

On the day of the event, the hall must be clear of delivery vehicles at least 30 minutes before the event opens. No vehicles will be allowed in the hall while it is open to the public.

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There is no break-down access to the hall until it is clear of visitors. Vehicles can be parked on-site under the instruction of Manchester Central’s traffic management team. Contractors who arrive prior to specified break-down times will be refused entry until the allocated time.

All exhibits, stand-fittings and other materials brought into the halls must be removed by the owners at the end of the event.

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Deliveries can only be made during tenancy days and need the following information:

- Addressee
- Event name
- Room name (of where the event is taking place)
- Organiser’s office or stand number
- Recipient contact number

Venue address: Manchester Central, Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX

Manchester Central does not accept deliveries on behalf of exhibitors. Please ensure a suitable representative is available to receive the goods. Deliveries made before the start of tenancy will be returned at the sender's expense.



Storage within Manchester Central is very limited. Before or after tenancy, Manchester Central will not accept responsibility for storage so all deliveries must be made during the build up period.

Outstanding collections – Manchester Central does not have on-site storage or the capability to forward remaining items. Anything left on-site after tenancy may be removed/disposed of at the tenancy holder's expense.

Delivery access to Central Halls & Charter Suite is at the back of Manchester Central via the ramp off Albion Street. If using a satellite navigation system - please follow the postcode M1 5JB.

Delivery access to Exchange Hall is via the lower forecourt ramp on Windmill Street. If using a satellite navigation system - please follow the postcode M2 3GX.

Build & breakdown information and delivery details for exhibitors
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