Shaping the future of events: Sustainability research

The team at Manchester Central have partnered with MASH Media to delve into the subject of sustainability for our sector.

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Together we carried out research aiming to - understand the industry's current state of play, best practices, the challenges we’re all facing, and explore some of the success stories we can all take inspiration from.

As a result of the project we have produced a whitepaper 'Shaping a Sustainable Future', sharing some of the key and meaningful insights from the research, that will help to shape our collective and individual sustainability journeys. 

In summary, the findings suggest that sustainability is not only here to stay; it’s becoming more important and expected to become an even bigger part of our future decision making. However, that said, more than half of survey respondents believe the industry isn’t doing enough to be sustainable or effectively prioritising it, and only 48% believe their organisations are sustainable.

Download the report below to get your hands on more data, actionable insights and expert opinions:

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Download the Shaping a Sustainable Future whitepaper

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