Congress of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG)

Over 1,350 scientists and professionals gathered at Manchester Central in June for the 58th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG).

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10th-15th June 2019
Exchange Suite

Founded in 1985, PTCOG is a worldwide organisation with the aim of improving treatment of cancer to the highest possible standards in radiation therapy.

With Manchester’s own contribution to the history of particle science, and technological innovation that has continued to this day, it was a fitting location for the event, which was led by Professor Ran Mackay from The Christie.

Jim Weightman, Business Manager for the proton therapy service at The Christie and PTCOG Local Organising Committee Member explained why they chose Manchester Central: “We were looking for an event space with a ‘wow factor’ and Manchester Central certainly provided that. Its city centre location also meant that delegates could easily access the venue from wherever they were travelling from.”

He continued: “Having occupied the Exchange side of the building, we were conscious about finding ways to best utilise the space, but we needn’t have worried. The event space was incredibly flexible, neither too big nor too small, and the layout was conducive to an event which felt exciting with a lot happening”.

Shaun Hinds, CEO of Manchester Central, said: “We were delighted to welcome the delegates of PTCOG58 for what was an incredible event. Manchester has a rich history in ground-breaking medical science and is incredibly proud to be home to a world leading institution like The Christie. We were proud to be able to play our part in a conference which could shape cancer treatment for years to come”.