Turf Games Fittest in the City

We are excited to bring the Turf Games 'Fittest in the City' series to Manchester.

FITC, is a fast paced, waterfall style format where teams compete in back to back workouts across a condensed competition window vying for the title of 'Fittest in the City'.

Athletes compete in 4 workouts testing various aspects of their fitness in a fun, competition style format. Each team will be on the TURF for 95 minutes to complete their workouts and have their scores on our LIVE! leaderboard.

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Join us at FITC Manchester as we find out who will be Fittest in the City. Enter as a team or come and spectate the action as athletes battle it out for the ultimate title.
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Please let me know if you'd like to send a photographer so we can issue a media pass or entry ticket.
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